Shrimp Summer Rolls

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    Main Meal
    Shrimp Summer Rolls


    Mamalu Kitchen

Dish TypeMain Meal
Prep Time40
Cook Time0
INGREDIENTS Total items( 23 )
  • recipe Coriander UAE
    2 cup
  • recipe Carrot Loose Australia
    2 pcs
  • recipe Beans Sprout UAE
    0.5 cup
  • recipe Cabbage Red Clean Round Iran
    0.25 pcs
  • recipe Avocado Hass Mexico
    3 pcs
  • recipe Thai Choice Sesame Oil
    2.5 tbsp
  • recipe Thai Choice Rice Vinegar
    2 tbsp
  • recipe Blue Dragon Fish Sauce
    2 tbsp
  • recipe Spring Onion
    1 tbsp
  • recipe Chili Red Thailand
    1 pcs
  • recipe Earth Goods Organic Cold Pressed Refined Sesame Oil Trans Fat Free Gmo Free
    1.5 tbsp
  • recipe Al Shifa Honey Natural Squeezy
    1 tbsp
  • recipe GF Vietnamese Rice Paper
    1 pcs
  • recipe Spring Onion Leaves
    1 tbsp
  • recipe Blue Dragon Light Soy Sauce
    3 tbsp
  • recipe Garlic Loose China
    4 cloves
  • recipe Grape Red Egypt
    1 tbsp
  • recipe Lime India
    1.5 pcs
  • recipe Erwan Rice Vermicelli
    1 pcs
  • recipe Shrimps 20 30 Philippines
    500 g
  • recipe Thai Choice Rice Paper Spring Roll Wrapper
    1 pcs
  • recipe Lettuce Iceburg Spain
    0.5 pcs
  • recipe Mint UAE
    1 cup

How to Make

  • Place the noodles in a large bowl and pour boiling water on them until they are immersed in the water. Let stand a few minutes (around 3 mins or according to directions). Drain the noodles and add the 2-3 tablespoons of sesame oil to the drained noodles and mix using tongs and set aside.
  • Squeeze some lime juice to your avocado slices to keep them from browning.
  • Meanwhile mix all the marinated ingredients together in a large bowl and add the shrimps.
  • On a hot bbq, grill the marinated shrimp for 5 minutes on each side or until opaque. Make sure to brush some of the marinade on top of the shrimps while grilling. Set aside until cooled and then slice the shrimps horizontally in half.
  • On a clean surface place a tray of luke warm water and dip the rice paper in for 10 seconds and then place on a flat surface.
  • Top with some of the shrimps first followed by the avocado, mint, cilantro, red cabbage, bean sprouts and carrot and noodles in the center of the rice paper. (Being careful to not overfill the rice paper) Fold the sides over the filling and roll up the wrapper, tucking in the ends as you roll. Cover with a damp paper towel. Repeat with the remaining wrappers and fillings.
  • Meanwhile for the dipping sauce mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Cut each roll in half and serve with the dipping sauce.