Kitkat Kunafa By Mamalu Kitchen

  • recipe

    Kitkat Kunafa by Mamalu Kitchen



Dish TypeDessert
Prep Time60
Cook Time0
INGREDIENTS Total items( 7 )
  • recipe Bayara Hazelnut Shelled
    3 tbsp
  • recipe Rose Buds Premium Tea
    5 pcs
  • recipe Lurpak Unsalted Butter Block
    1 cup
  • recipe Sunbulah Kunafa Pastry
    500 g
  • recipe KitKat 4 Finger Chocolate Bar
    13 pcs
  • recipe Puck Whipping Cream
    500 ml
  • recipe Philadelphia Original Cream Cheese
    500 g

How to Make

  • Using scissors, cut the dough into small pieces to manage better.
  • Mix the butter into the vermicelli. Mix really well so that the dough combines well together.
  • Then divide into two equal parts.
  • Butter two equal sided baking pans (round) - line them with butter.
  • Divide the dough equally into the two buttered trays. Press the mixture flat and layer each pan. Tightly press the layer so it is combined and fills each pan.
  • Bake in 180 degrees (preheated) 30 minutes until golden and hard, Remove it and put it aside to cool.
  • Meanwhile whip up the whipping cream until it has stiff peaks and keep aside in the fridge.
  • For the mascarpone, whip it in a bowl until it is creamy and smooth and keep it in the fridge.
  • Use 6 Kitkat bars and place them in a bowl and immerse it inside a pot of boiling water (bain marie) - melt the chocolate.
  • Once melted, use a hand blender or food processor - blitz the chocolate until smooth consistency.
  • Add the mascarpone to the whipping cream and mix it together followed by the cooled down blitzed chocolate and mix together.
  • Save around 1 1/2 cup of the creamy chocolate filling to use for piping later.
  • On your serving plate place one layer of the baked kunafa And spread the chocolate cream that's not in the piping bag, all over the kunafa until flat and smooth.
  • Add 1 pack of 4 finger Kitkat bar ( chilled in the fridge) into to a zip lock bag and crush it using a rolling pin until you have Kitkat crumbs - put aside 2 tablespoons on the side for decorating.
  • Using the piping bag cream now, go around the edges of the kunafa on both the top and bottom layers and place the cream, all around.
  • Chop the extra Kitkat bars for decorating in half. And stick the halves all around the edges of your kunafa using the piped cream as your glue.
  • Using the piping bag to draw a moon on the top and fill in the moon with the cream. Sprinkle chopped hazelnuts with the leftover Kitkat crumbs and rose buds over the created moon.