Flaxseed Crispy Twists

  • recipe

    Flaxseed Crispy Twists


    Lama Gharaibeh

Dish TypeFeatured
Prep Time30
Cook Time0
INGREDIENTS Total items( 9 )
  • recipe Bayara Fine Table Salt
    1 tsp
  • recipe Al Baker Plain Flour
    1.5 cup
  • recipe Bayara Flax Seeds
    0.5 cup
  • recipe Bayara Chia Seeds
    1 tbsp
  • recipe Foster Clarks Baking Powder
    0.5 tsp
  • recipe Bayara Garlic Granules
    1 tsp
  • recipe Bayara Provence Herbs
    1 tsp
  • recipe Almarai Fresh Milk Full Fat
    0.5 cup
  • recipe RS Pure Olive Oil
    4 tbsp

How to Make

  • Preheat your oven to 180C.
  • Mix all the dry ingredients together.
  • In a small jug combine the milk with the olive oil.
  • Add the milk mixture to the dry ingredients and mix until you get a dough.
  • Roll the dough on a wax paper and cut into strips.
  • Roll each strip from both sides and transfer to a baking sheet.
  • Bake 10 minutes then turn each one over and bake for extra 10 minutes or until golden and crispy.