Dates Kaak

  • recipe

    Dates Kaak



Dish TypeDessert
Prep Time45
Cook Time0
INGREDIENTS Total items( 11 )
  • recipe Al Baker Plain Flour
    3 cup
  • recipe Bayara Cardamom Powder
    1 tsp
  • recipe Afia Corn Oil
    0.75 cup
  • recipe SIS Sugar
    3 tsp
  • recipe Dcl Instant Yeast
    1 tsp
  • recipe Arwa Water
    0.5 cup
  • recipe Bayara Dates Sukkary Fresh
    500 g
  • recipe Qbb Pure Ghee
    1 tbsp
  • recipe Bayara Cinnamon Powder
    0.5 tsp
  • recipe Nutella Jar
    120 g
  • recipe Bayara Anis Seeds
    1.5 tsp

How to Make

  • For the filling: combine the date paste, oil, anise seeds, cinnamon and nutmeg together. If using pitted dates place all ingredients in a blender and mix to combine, then roll into teaspoon size balls.
  • For the dough: combine the flour, cardamom and anise seeds. Add the oil and use your fingertips to rub into the flour.
  • Dissolve the sugar and yeast in the water, combine with the flour and mix gently with the back of a knife til it forms a dough.
  • Divide the dough into tablespoon size balls.
  • Roll the dough into a rope, then using a rolling pin to flatten.
  • Add the date filling along the center of the dough and gently pull the dough together around the filling.
  • Shape into circles and seal the edges.
  • Bake in a pre-heated oven at 220°C til golden (approx. 20 minutes).
  • Allow to cool and decorate with Nutella®.