Chicken & Rice Stew

  • recipe

    Main Meal
    Chicken & Rice Stew


    Gemini Bakes

Dish TypeMain Meal
Prep Time90
Cook Time0
INGREDIENTS Total items( 16 )
  • recipe Afia Corn Oil
    2 tbsp
  • recipe India Gate Basmati Rice
    0.25 cup
  • recipe Grape Red Egypt
    1 pcs
  • recipe Sadia Whole Chicken
    900 g
  • recipe Bayara Cardamom Medium
    1 pcs
  • recipe Red Onion India
    1 pcs
  • recipe Mina Black Pepper
    4 pcs
  • recipe Maggi Chicken Stock
    2 pcs
  • recipe Bayara Cinnamon Whole
    1 pcs
  • recipe Bayara Bay Leaves
    1 pcs
  • recipe Bayara Pine Seeds Turkey
    1 handful
  • recipe Beef Mince Australian Special
    400 g
  • recipe Saffron Taj Mahal
    1 sprinkle
  • recipe Bayara Snacks Mixed Nuts
    1 pinch
  • recipe Foster Clarks Corn Flour
    1 tsp
  • recipe Nezo Salt Iodized
    1 tsp

How to Make

  • Boil the chicken with only the water first and remove the white foam that comes on the surface and discard it. Then add all the spices. Boil until chicken is cooked. Remove chicken and spices on the side.
  • For the rice, fry the pine nuts until brown then add the beef, stir until cooked. Add the rice and broth(you can add salt too) and boil until rice is tender.
  • For the soup, boil the broth with the rice, maggi cube, saffron and salt until thickened. Enjoy!!!