Chicken And Vegetable Biryani

  • recipe

    Main Meal
    Chicken and Vegetable Biryani



Dish TypeMain Meal
Prep Time80
Cook Time0
INGREDIENTS Total items( 13 )
  • recipe Alyoum Chicken Fillet Fresh
    500 g
  • recipe Lurpak Unsalted Butter Block
    30 g
  • recipe
    1 pcs
  • recipe Jumbo Asparagus Thailand
    1 bunch
  • recipe Carrot Australia
    2 pcs
  • recipe Capsicum Red Iran
    1 pcs
  • recipe Bayara Cardamom Big
    3 pcs
  • recipe Bayara Almond Jumbo
    50 g
  • recipe Coriander UAE
    1 bunch
  • recipe Nezo Fine Sea Salt
    1 tsp
  • recipe Blue Dragon Thai Green Curry Paste
    1 tsp
  • recipe India Gate Basmati Rice
    1.5 cup
  • recipe Maggi Powder Seasoning Sachet
    1 pcs

How to Make

  • Soak the rice in water until it runs clear.
  • Heat butter with onion in pan until onion is soft, then add the Maggi spices.
  • Add the chicken and curry paste and coat with the mixture. (make sure the chicken is not cooked completely)
  • Add the vegetables and stir for a minute.
  • Add the chicken stock and salt.
  • Add the rice and combine well.
  • Bring to boil then reduce the heat and cover with lid for 5 minutes.
  • Turn off the heat and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Sprinkle with coriander and almonds and serve hot.