3 Way Stuffed Luqaimat At Home!

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    3 Way Stuffed Luqaimat at Home!


    Dubai Tastes

Dish TypeDessert
Prep Time50
Cook Time0
INGREDIENTS Total items( 8 )
  • recipe Sugar Syrup
    2 tsp
  • recipe Arwa Water
    2 cup
  • recipe Nutella Hazelnut Spread With Cocoa
    1 tub
  • recipe Puck Cream Cheese Spread Jar
    1 tub
  • recipe Al Baker Plain Flour
    2 cup
  • recipe Al Shifa Honey Natural Squeezy
    2 tbsp
  • recipe Safa Corn Starch
    1 tbsp
  • recipe Dcl Instant Yeast
    1 tbsp

How to Make

  • In a large bowl add flour, corn starch, yeast, sugar syrup and salt and mix
  • Slowly add the water while mixing till it becomes gooey. Check with finger to get the right consistency
  • Cover the bowl with plastic and set aside for 1 hour. It will double in size and form bubbles
  • Remove the plastic and mix the dough to let out the air
  • Scoop the dough into a pipping bag, preferably fabric type, with a large circular opening.
  • Squeeze out the dough and with your hand, dipped in cool oil, separate the dough and drop into hot oil over medium heat
  • Fill up the pan and let them cook till golden brown. Then remove using a sieve to get rid of excess oil
  • Divide your luqaimat into three groups. Drop 1 group into a cool bowl of sugar syrup and soak for 2 min then remove
  • Fill a plastic syringe with nutella and fill yohr second group of luqaimat with nutella.
  • Fill another plastic syringe with cream cheese and fill the third group. Then add some honey on top and enjoy!